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Personal development corner

Self-discovery, increase self-image and relations with others

At Etoile hamlet, classes and training courses are given about the techniques and methods to help you live better and find balance and harmony in your daily life.

Thérapies de groupe Sciences humaines Relation couple

Trainings courses, classes and therapies offered at the hamlet :

Gestalt therapy, relaxation therapy, somatic experience, Neuro-linguistic Programming (N.L.P), body psychotherapy, organic psychology analysis, coaching, positive thinking, rebirth, Skydancing Tantra, bioenergy, interpretation of dreams, meridians, esotericism, psychology, mandalas, out-of-body experience, let go, biodanza, child heart, anti-stress solutions, symbolic psychoanalysis, self-esteem training, stress management techniques, here and now, inside child, conflicts management, autosuggestion, graphology, self-hypnosis, School of Laughter, clown training, healing mirrors, roots of the future, reiki, life project, listening training.... [view all courses]

Men / Women :

succeed in your couple life; couples relationships; attract love; stimulate: desire, seduction, sexuality, couple life; home crisis management, divorce, mourning, conflicts management, at the heart of love, find love, meet your kindred spirit, art of seduction, men's words, women's language ...

Family :

relations with your children, your family, how to be parents?, how to deal with babies?, how to deal with teenage?, relations between parents and children, education, family relations, family cartography, psycho-genealogy, mourning, blended family, divorce, family constellation, inside child, motherhood, pregnancy, fatherhood ...

Find concrete personal answers :

Take a new turn, come to peace with yourself and others, learn how to overcome your fears and phobias, fear of the emptiness, fear of the water, fear of the others, agoraphobia; combat your stress, anxiety treatment, insomnia treatment, overcome shyness, manage your emotions, know yourself, open your heart to yourself and others, let go, self achievement, personal development, find your place, give your life a meaning, emotional control, emotions master, introspection, know how to say “no”, clear your mind, self-assertion, learn to know yourself, choose to be happy, dare speak in public, self-esteem workshop, develop your potentials, be confident....

Spirituality :

Christian meditation, Christianity, Buddhism, Cabala study, Bible study, interreligious encounters, shamanism, Sufi dancing, Sufism, Dervish dancing, spiritual retreat, silence retreat, prayers, Taoism, meditation training ...

Warning : No Sect nor Sectarian Drifts will be accepted at the Hamlet. Read our institution's Ethical Code

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Trainee : to book your training / workshop, please contact the Organiser directly.

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Trainee : please fill in the booking form for your accommodation at the Trimurti Village.

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